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“Creating a unified partnership by linking Health Plans, Brokers, Providers, and Clients together.”

Upcoming Meeting

May 5, 2021 at 6:00p.m.

The Louisiana Department of Health has asked the Association to post this link for NEMT Providers COVID-19


About Us


The Association for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Providers, known as ANEMTP, formed to provide a hub where Transportation Providers, Health Plans, Brokers, Government Agencies, and other entities in the non-emergent industry can get up-to-date industry information.

Our Services

Provider Benefits

  • Create industry standards and guidelines for Providers to follow

  • Offer continuing education and training opportunities

  • Business Management

  • Licensing, Vehicle Inspections & Credentialing

  • Quarterly Compliance Audits

  • Monitor Brokers

  • Timely payment to  Providers

  • Quality Customer Care

Broker Benefits

  • A quality network of Providers that meet industry standards 

  • Increase Provider performance

  • Reduce Medicaid Abuse/Fraud

  • Quality Customer Care

Health Plan Benefits

  • Providers can receive updates directly from Health Plans 

  • Reduce Medicaid Abuse/Fraud 

  • Increase client safety

  • Hold Brokers more accountable 

  • Quality Customer Care

Client Benefits

  • Creating a unified network means ease of use to the client and increase the level of  service

About Us
Our Services

The Association will bring uniformity and accountability to an industry where there is limited provider oversight by linking the Health Plans, Brokers, Providers, and Clients together to create a better partnership for all.  

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